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16th Annual Lobster Boil

lulu lobster

Older Person’s Commission
Saturday September 27, 2014

Live New England lobsters are flown in fresh early Saturday morning. Each Lobster is between 1 and 1 ¼ pounds each.

Members of RJWC will cook the lobsters on-site at the Older Persons’ Commission located at 650 Letica in Rochester.

It’s a great way to entertain friends and family or enjoy a quiet dinner for two.

You choose the pick-up time; your dinner will be on time and ready!

RJWC will cook, wrap, and have them hot and ready for you at the OPC drive-thru site.

The lobsters will stay HOT for up to 2 hours in the packaging.

Just pre-order your desired amount of lobsters using the form attached here, drive up to the OPC at your reserved time and your lobsters will be given to you!

Orders will be taken through September 12th for both live and cooked lobsters. If you prefer to order your lobsters live, please bring a container to transport them home.

Watch for more information to come!



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