At the beginning of the year in my first Scannings article, the following questions were posed: What direction are we heading into as a club? What have we been historically known for and how do we carry on the club’s legacy? What do members want from the club? What needs to be done to make this a successful year and to meet our financial commitments? How do we increase awareness of the club within the community? How do we better focus on “serving the community”? How do we engage our new and veteran members, as well as, inspire new members to join?

Rochester Junior Women's Club Bingo ManiaWhile some of these questions remain, we have made great strides in finding some of the answers and in putting them into action! Members came together to plan events we have done for years AND on an event we had never done before; demonstrating teamwork, sisterhood, collaboration and creativity (“thinking out-of-the box”) to make each event a great success! There was an increased connection with our charities; through their participation in RJWC activities, presentations at our General Meetings, attendance at our events, and cross-promotion of each other’s charities and activities through social media. Doing so not only strengthened our relationship with each organization but also demonstrated that they are “why we do what we do”. We began talking about being “Strategic” and aligning our club’s efforts to “work smarter, not harder”, and also to “Just ask” for sponsorships and support from local businesses. We not only met our financial commitments but surpassed them; by building upon what has worked in the past and by being innovative in our approach to fundraising. In April of this year, the OPC recognized us for what we have done for them throughout the years; celebrating the history of RJWC’s relationship and continued “Service” and support of the OPC since their inception. This served as a reminder of the impact our club has had on the community over the years!

This has been a truly amazing year! It has been an honor to have served as this year’s Club President, to be a member of RJWC’s family and to have played a role in the evolution of the club; “embracing our history and those who came before us, celebrating where we are today and looking to what our future will be.”

Alicia Chenalls

Alicia currently serves the Rochester Junior Women’s Club in the role of Parliamentarian. In the past, she has served as President, President Elect, Chair of the New Member department. Alicia was honored with the Rochester Junior Women’s Club “Volunteer of the Year” award in 2014.

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