The Southeastern District of Michigan Executive Board is pleased to report that 10 district clubs from our district attended the 99th Annual SE District Meeting on October 21, 2017. Club members and their Presidents came to the meeting from the Adrian, Brooklyn, Clawson, Dearborn, Lake Orion, Madison Heights, Rochester Juniors, Royal Oak, Tecumseh, and Lenawee Women’s Clubs.

All clubs are part of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC). This all female non-profit organization is headquartered in Washington D.C. and is more than 127 years old. GFWC spearheaded many extraordinary programs throughout the United States and Internationally as well, such as public libraries. GFWC runs under the amazing and inspirational theme “Unity in Diversity”.

GFWC State of Michigan Executive President, Donna Brown, attended the Southeastern District meeting and gave an inspirational speech on keeping our clubs current with the times, and always remembering to be open minded and kind to one another to insure success! Clubwomen were also fortunate to hear from GFWC Michigan 1st Vice President, Susan Johnson; and 2nd Vice President, Ruth Ann Northon.

Each club president was given an opportunity to present a “brag report” regarding one amazing and unique event or quality of their club. Among the top report was Clawson Women’s Club ability to maintain membership for the past decade, and Rochester Junior Women’s Club large fundraiser profits that get distributed to different charities each year.

A special guest, Velcro the puppy, also attended the Southeastern District Meeting. In May 2017, a challenge was put forth by GFWC International President, Sheila Shae. President Shae encouraged each state to find a foster home for a service puppy for one year. The service pup is provided by Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), an organization in partnership with GFWC that provides service dogs to disabled veterans. Our district CCI chairwoman, Bethany Perry (a member of Rochester Junior Women’s Club), was fortunate to find a “foster mom”, Megan Schwark. Megan drove to Ohio and came home with “Velcro”, a white lab/retriever pup born July 7, 2017. A “puppy shower” was thrown during the SE District meeting, where $1,800 was raised by the 10 clubs and their members. This money covers all the costs to raise Velcro while staying with Megan. Because these clubs all supported Velcro, he will make a special visit to each club throughout the next year to “personally say thank you”!

Awards were presented to SE District Clubs and individuals. Rochester Junior Women’s Club was honored to receive the award for Outstanding Leadership & the “Triple Crown” awarded to the club that displays Outstanding Fundraising, Community Service, and Fellowship. District Chairwoman of the Year was won by our own Kathy Warriner, the SE District Education & Arts Chairwomen. SE District President, Kathy Lewis (also a member of the Rochester Junior Women’s Club), was nominated unanimously by the district to run for GFWC Michigan 2nd Vice-President in April 2018 at the GFWC State Convention.


Kathy Lewis

A member since 2009, Kathy Lewis currently holds the position of Director of the Michigan South East Chapter of the Greater Federation of Women's Clubs. In the past, she has served as president, president elect, and chairs for numerous departments.

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