Rochester Junior Women’s Club Charitable Causes

Each year, the Rochester Junior Women’s Club selects a major recipient and helps dozens more with smaller donation requests.

2018-2019 Recipient

Dutton Farm is a not for profit organization that serves people in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties with physical, mental or emotional impairments to enhance their lives, bring support to their families and inspire our community. Dutton Farm is dedicated to serving the disabled community to reach their full potential and find unconditional acceptance, communion with others and overall satisfaction. Their individualistic approach focuses on each person as an individual.  They understand that there is no “one size fits all” method.  They firmly believe that each individual has gifts and talents that can be contributed to our society and are dedicated to finding and cultivating each person’s gifts.  They tailor their program to each individual’s need, because success is their priority. Through their individualistic and holistic approach to their Vocational training, Independent Living Skill training, recreational activities, socialization, on site employment opportunities, community integration and advocacy, citizens with disabilities are able to better live in partnership, with dignity and contentment.

Dutton Farm was formalized in 2010 by Jim and Michele Smither and their daughter Jeanette in honor of Rebecca Smither who is Jim and Michele’s daughter and Jeanette’s sister. They were seeking to create a comprehensive program that would be a better alternative for the disabled community than what was currently available. They now serve at least 150 individuals monthly.

Dutton Farm is made possible, not only from the hard work of its founders, but because of citizens in our community that recognize the importance in accepting and believing in and supporting their neighbor with disabilities.

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